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When you are faced with a whole range of IT problems, which one do you fix first? Is it the one that actually occurs first – or the one that poses the most risk to your business? Business Service Management helps you isolate problems, understand the impact they may have on your business and decide on priorities to minimize that impact.

Business Service Management solutions link business services to the underlying IT processes to provide maximum visibility of the impact of IT failures and mitigate business risk. By understanding these relationships, you can take a top-down approach and proactively identify performance problems before end-users are affected. This can be combined with a bottom-up approach to identify the impact on critical business services when a specific server or network component fails.

At People & Technology, we have the skills to align your IT Service Management processes with the needs of your business, independent of your IT platform provider.
By linking the output of your monitoring products with your incident management system, we help our customers to manage priority handling better and reduce the impact of IT incidents on business.

At People & Technology, we propose complete solutions in Service Management, starting from the analysis and definition of processes, tool selection, implementation, support and on-going enhancements.

 Our Offer:

  • IT Service Management - From Process Analysis to the implementation and support phase.
  • Monitoring Expertise – IT Service Availability & Performance Analysis solutions including Implementation, Integration and Support.