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People & Technology has just moved into its new offices.

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People & Technology provide a set of services that allow full implementation of a Service Management Solution using ITIL best practices.


At People & Technology, we have expertise in market-leading products, including BMC Software, HP, IBM and others. Our consultants are fully conversant with the latest software versions.  They have sound experience with various tools and frameworks, and most of our consultants are ITIL-certified. They also have the technical know-how to integrate various technologies and tools within Service Management, Configuration Management and Event Management.

You can feel totally confident dealing with a partner who offers field-proven capabilities coupled with hands-on project experience.


We are constantly looking for innovative technologies that improve the efficiency of your environment. This ranges from intelligent IT Asset discovery technology, to revolutionary technology for automated and intelligent incident management. In several of these cases, we have decided to become a distributor of the respective products.

We are also highly innovative in the way we integrate different technologies. For example, by linking technical alerts generated by monitoring tools with incident management and Configuration Management systems, we are able to reduce the time to resolution, increase the efficiency of your IT service department and enhance end-user satisfaction.


Rather than imposing specific vendors, we help our customers to implement best-of-breed solutions and integrate existing technologies. This not only gives us the flexibility to choose the best possible solution for each customer’s specific situation, but also maximizes the ROI for the investments already made.


Our Offer:

At People & Technology, we have the skills to align your IT Service Management processes with the needs of your business, independent of your IT platform provider.
By linking the output of your monitoring products with your incident management system, we help our customers to manage priority handling better and reduce the impact of IT incidents on business.

Our consultants can help you enhance and develop your current IT Service Management tool as well as implement a new one. People & Technology has partnerships with usu (http://www.usu.de), Staff&Line (http://www.easyvista.com) and Nimsot (http://www.nimsoft.com). A bench mark between these different and other tools can show you the best solution for your company.