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As the business relies more than ever on IT Services, People & Technology propose a complete monitoring solution based on Nimsoft Technology that can dramatically improve service quality and reduce the costs of IT Service delivery. Nimsoft can be integrated with any IT Services types: (SAS, Cloud, On Premise).

One of the most fundamental conflicts in the IT Service Management Life Cycle is between :
1) The view of the IT as a set of Business services: the driver.
2) The view of the IT as a subset of technology components: the engine.

Both views are necessary when delivering IT Services. Monitoring can help to recon ciliate the business view (external view) of the IT and the IT Operation view (internal view) of the IT.

The monitoring instruments collects and aggregate different types of metrics:

• Infrastructure based metrics: Hardware, Middleware, Software.
- Availability 
- Performances
• End user Experience : IT Service experience