What can we do for You

People & Technology offers Consultancy services to Companies in Belgium in various sectors including Banking (Retail, Asset Management, Investment Management and Custody), Insurance, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, Public and Automotive industries.

Clients needing IT Consultancy services can count on us for our:

  • Expertise - A company with highly qualified IT experts. We have our own certified Consultants, not only a network of freelancers.
  • Quality – A team of highly experienced Account Managers who know IT backed up by a team of professional recruiters only retaining the best people on the market.
  • Speed – An extensive network and numerous years of experience allowing us to propose the right person at the right time. 
  • Service mindedness – Be it our consultants or our Account Managers, all our collaborators focus on delivering the best quality of services so as to reach full client satisfaction.


For your convenience, we have set up a series of practices to have our people focus on one or more key skills and competencies. Whenever possible, we have senior people in the office or reachable by phone to assist our consultants when they face difficulties in the execution of their missions.

These practices are build around the IT lifecycle which we can support end-to-end.